Beavercraft knife review, new one by Gene Messer

Beavercraft knife review, new one by Gene Messer

If you continue to browse and use this website, you are agreeing to comply with and be bound by the following terms and conditions of use, which together with our privacy policy govern Knife Shop Australia’s relationship with you in relation to this website. If you disagree with any part of these terms and conditions, please do not use our website. We hope that our reviews have helped you better understand what makes for a great hook knife and that you’ve been able to find the model which is right for you. They look fine a bit generic so not sure if you’ll come across a user.

The only real downside to this blade is that a small fraction of the shipped units arrive dull, or less than razor sharp. It’s a rare problem, but it’s always nice when you get a tool you can use right out of the box. However, that’s a problem you should be able to fix at home, and if you don’t know how to sharpen a hook knife, it’ll be a good opportunity to learn, as all knives need sharpening eventually.

The Mountain Elk Products Wood Carving Hook Knife is another good choice if you’re looking for a hook knife for spoon carving. You can get it for about half of what you’d pay for the top two models on our list. That makes this model the best overall value for the money on our list.

The reviewers were praising these whittling tools and I took a chance that I never got to regret and bought one. And then another one.

Spoon Carving Blank Wood Carving Blank Wooden Spoon Carving Linden BeaverCraft

beavercraft knife

If you’re not a full-time spoon carver, it would be hard to get good value out of the Flexcut FLEXKN52-BRK. The problem isn’t that’s it’s a bad knife, but instead that it might be too nice, and it has a price tag to match. That’s not to say that there won’t be people who can get good use out of this hook knife, but rather that you’re going to pay more than double the next-most-expensive model on our list, and for most, that’s an expenditure that most should be hesitant to pay, given that your experience doesn’t improve that much.

A quick way around this is to just sharpen the flat side of the blade, however, if you are unfamiliar with sharpening but want a double edge blade on your hook knife then I suggest checking https://bestwoodcarvingtool.com/beavercraft-wood-carving-tools/ out the Mora 162 below. Etsy prohibits the use of buyer information for unsolicited messages. See our Privacy Policy for more info. I am very pleased with everything I bought from them.

beavercraft knife

I bought 4 different spoon knives and they all arrived shaving sharp and polished. I haven’t used the long handled kuksa knives yet but the others have all held their edge well. The spoon knife strop and sharpener is a clever design. I tried it briefly on a cheaper knife and had some success. I think with some time and practice it will make the very difficult task of sharpening curved blades much easier.

  • I bought them from Deepwoods Ventures, as the wait wasn’t as long as for Pinewood Forge.
  • This is a keeper.
  • This perfect set for beginners and contains sloyd knife, chip carving knife, hook knife, leather strop with polishing compound.
  • If you’re not a full-time spoon carver, it would be hard to get good value out of the Flexcut FLEXKN52-BRK. The problem isn’t that’s it’s a bad knife, but instead that it might be too nice, and it has a price tag to match.
  • After all, having woodworking as a hobby means enjoying the process of carving with whittling tools, because that is what hobbies are about.
  • They distributed all the major brands of carving tools to the carving community, both professional and beginners in the Ukraine and beyond.

As an amazon associate, Best Wood Carving Tools may earn an affiliate commission when you buy through links on our site. Enjoy carving somewhere outdoors with your chosen best wood carving tools. what is that you want to create with your best wood carving tools. There is not much correlation between price tag and your satisfaction, yet some people continue to believe that paying extra money will surely provide them with a top wood carving knife and if the price is lower than average, they get suspicious and refuse to buy it.

After all, having woodworking as a hobby means enjoying the process of carving with whittling tools, because that is what hobbies are about. They make bowl spoons, draw knives and a variety of carving knives. None of the ones shown appealed to me but many others do.


Let alone that carving with dull blades is super dangerous as even the best wood carving knife when blunt may do you harm, it is also very unpleasant as you will not be able to carve the way you intended to. When it comes to the best wood carving chisels, especially the best wood carving knife for beginners it gets highly controversial. Sometimes it feels like there is no end to the debates like what kind of material should best carving knife be made of, or if the carbon steel blades are the only right option or maybe stainless-steel ones are just as fine. I distinctly remember that for me it happened when I have found myself completely absorbed in my activity when the satisfaction of holding a razor-sharp best wood carving knife has once met the contentment of seeing what I have managed to create with only my best carving knife and my own hands. The hook carving knife is the excellent U-shaped utensil for making detailed cuts or rounding out bowls and spoons.

We all know the pain of getting a product we don’t like, and misleading product descriptions written by advertising executives can make it hard to get a good feel for what we’re buying. I use a gouge for carving spoons and use pfiel tools wich will be very sharp and of quality. A hook knife https://bestwoodcarvingtool.com/ is usefull to get a nice finish inside the bowl but is not a tool to remove bulk material. A properly sized gouge will remove bulk and can leave a ´retty smooth finish when used correctly. There are also plenty of other brands for gouges less expensive than pfiel that would do the job.

This Privacy Policy does not apply to the practices of third parties that I do not own or control, including Etsy or any third party services you access through Etsy. You can reference the Etsy Privacy Policy to learn more about its privacy practices. This Privacy Policy describes how and when I collect, use, and share information when you purchase an item from me, contact me, or otherwise use my services through Etsy.com or its related sites and services. First of all, your best wood carving chisels must always be at their sharpest. It is truly a must.

New carvers would buy these and think they got a great deal, but I generally spent 2-3 hours grinding them down and getting them to carve. I finally quit volunteering to fix them because I ended up with more time and money in them than the guy that bought them, and they were still bad tools! I recently bought some Helvie economy model knives for beginners to use. They are $27 and available in a variety of handle styles, and blade lengths and styles.

The BeaverCraft Wood Carving Hook Knife is our favorite hook knife for spoon carving due to its carbon steel blade, ergonomic handle, and great edge. The Morakniv Knife 164 comes with a stainless steel blade with a great angle, a lightweight frame, and an ergonomic handle, though its high price keeps it out of first place. The Mountain Elk Products Wood Carving Hook Knife comes with a stainless steel blade that holds beaver craft knives review its edge well, and since you can get it at a great price, it’s the best value for the money on our list. The Flexcut FLEXKN52-BRK has a high-quality handle and a full tang, but its price and weight keep it out of the top three. The Narex Small Spoon-Knife is good for lefties and is made from manganese alloy steel, but its odd angle, clunky feel, and narrow blade mean that it can rise no higher than last place.

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Well, I’m here to upset those of you, who think so. You are missing out on a lot of opportunities and a lot of good stuff here. And the last but not the least, stay flexible in your work. Of course, you have had an idea in your mind what you’ll carve with your best wood carving tools, you may even have a design of your future creation, but it happens even to the professional woodworkers that it doesn’t come out as it was expected.

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